An excellent presenter: Fr. Michael Kavanaugh

This is to pass along praise and thankfulness for Father Michael Kavanaugh. On Tuesday evening past (11/17/2009), I had the opportunity to attend a presentation given by Father Kavanaugh at Blessed Sacrament parish. I attended because I had heard that things like Advanced Directives would be discussed. This is a topic that is timely and important to be up to speed on. Father Kavanaugh's presentation was most excellent. He covered a variety of important topics that both enlightened and set my mind at ease. It was time very well spent. It was a very good presentation.

As a point of personal philosophy, I believe that when you catch someone doing the right thing, and in excellent fashion, it is good to give thanks for that job well done. The Diocese of Savannah is blessed and most fortunate to have wonderful priests and nuns here. Father Kavanaugh is a great representative of that high quality. In listening to him speak, one can readily tell that they are listening to a person of intellect who knows what he is talking about. He truly speaks and presents information in excellent fashion. Father Kavanaugh represents the Diocese well. He also represents the other great priests (and nuns) well, all being people with great minds and messages worth hearing.


--Submitted by Steve Corcoran. Father Michael Kavanaugh is pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Port Wentworth.


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