Mission Statement

The mission of the Archives & Records Department is to administer the Archives & Records program which manages records created by the Diocese of Savannah; to serve as the institutional repository for records of historical and enduring value; and to promote an understanding of the Catholic Church, her history, and her heritage in South Georgia. The department is erected in accordance with Canon 482.


Collection Statement

The Diocese of Savannah Archives was established as a private, institutional collection in accordance with Canon 491 to store and provide access to the permanent records of the Diocese of Savannah. It primarily collects inactive original records created by the work of Diocesan administration, parishes, and schools. A select secondary collection is maintained to document Catholic culture in Middle and South Georgia. The Archives principally serve Diocesan personnel, parishes, and schools. Because these are institutional records, only some are open to the public for research and may require permission to access. Donations are accepted when they are consistent with the collection policy.


Director of Archives & Records Management

Stephanie Braddy, CA


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