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School Transcript Requests

The story of Diocesan Catholic Schools are an important part of the Catholic heritage in South Georgia.
The Archives & Records Office cares for student records from closed Catholic Schools including:

Closed Grammar Schools

  • Columbus

    Our Lady of Lourdes Grammar School
  • Savannah

    Cathedral Grammar School
    Notre Dame Academy, Savannah (1990-2015)
    Sacred Heart Grammar School (1916-1969)
    Sacred Heart Interparochial School (1969-1990)
    St. Anthony Grammar School
    St. Benedict the Moor Grammar School
    St. Frances Cabrini School
    St. Mary's Grammar School
    St. Vincent's Grammar School
  • Tybee Island

    St. Michael Grammar School
  • Waycross

    St. Joseph School

Closed High Schools & Seminary

  • Augusta

    Sacred Heart Grammar School & High School
  • Savannah

    Marist High School (1919-1939)
    Pius X High School
    St. John Vianney Minor Seminary

Certified Copies of a Student's Record and School Verification Requests

A certified copy of a student's records from the above schools may be requested at any time. Student records are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA - 20 U.S.C. § 1232g; 34 CFR Part 99) as well as privacy restrictions such as the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. § 552a). Students and their guardians have a right to see, correct, and control access to their student records.

As record holders, we are required to grant access to a student’s own records or mail out copies of the file within a timely manner. A certified copy of a student’s file may not be released to a third party (another school, family member that is not a guardian, friend, courts, etc.) without the consent of the guardian or student (once the age of majority is reached), with the exception of the third parties named in FERPA (34 CFR § 99.31):

  • School officials with legitimate educational interest
  • Other schools to which a student is transferring
  • Specified officials for audit or evaluation purposes
  • Appropriate parties in connection with financial aid to a student
  • Organizations conducting certain studies for or on behalf of the school
  • Accrediting organizations
  • To comply with a judicial order or lawfully issued subpoena
  • Appropriate officials in cases of health and safety emergencies
  • State and local authorities, within a juvenile justice system, pursuant to specific State law

How Do I Verify my Education or Get a Copy of My Record?

Please complete the School Transcript and Verification Request Form and mail it to us with a copy of a current state-issued identification card (for example, a driver's license or passport). No fees are required for an individual requesting their own record. A $25 fee is required for a third-party request. 

Director of Archives & Records Management

Stephanie Braddy, CA


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