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Sacred Heart (Waynesboro)

Sacred Heart (Waynesboro)

Type: Parish


Address: 115 South Liberty Street, Waynesboro 30830 | Burke County Website:

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  • Augusta


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It started with a few Catholic families coming together for Sunday mass here in Waynesboro under the pastoral leadership of th priests of 'Glenmary' Home Mission Society.  This little mustard seed has today grown into the Catholic Community of Burke County, Georgia.  The Glenmary priests took care of the pastoral leadership of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Waynesboro, Georgia for many years.

The Glenmary preists handed over the pastoral leadership of Sacred Heart Church to the Diocese and pulled out of the church because of decline in their numbers.  Like many other religious orders and societies of our time, the Glenmary Society suffered from a shortage in the numbers of vocations, which led to the decision to pull out of Sacred Heart Church.  This decision, painful though it was but was the only practical and sensible solution to the problem the order was facing.  For some years Sacred Heart had no resident priest, so priests came from nearby towns to celebrate mass, but the Bishop did not want things to continue like that for Sacred Heart.  Then he sought the help of the Missionary of St. Paul also known as Missionaries of St. Paul (M.S.P.) to take over the pastoral leadership of Sacred Heart Church