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Bibliography of historical sources of Pedro de Corpa & Companions (the Georgia Martyrs), whose Cause is in the canonization process.

Fraud Reporting Form
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To report suspected fraud to the Diocesan Fraud Investigation office.

Form A
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Initial questionnaire for the bride and groom. Each party must be interviewed alone, and only the priest/deacon/pastoral minister will propose the questions and write the given answers.

To be sent by the donor to their stock broker.

Parish Resource Manual
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For Pastors, Parish Staff, Lay Persons and ACA Volunteers

El folleto con información de los próximos cursos
Fray Pedro de Corpa Catechetical School Brochure

Form A (Espanol)
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Novio/Novia. Cada persona debe ser entrevistada a solas. Solamente el Sacerdote/Diácono/Asistente pastoral pueden hacer las preguntas y anotar las respuestas.