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Directory of Offices and Ministries

Archives and Records Management


  • Stephanie Braddy, CA
  • Phone: 912-201-4078

Archives & Records manages records created by the Diocese of Savannah; serves as the institutional repository for records of historical and enduring value; and promotes an understanding of the Catholic Church, her history, and her heritage in South Georgia. The department was erected in accordance with Canon 482.

Bishop Emeritus

Assistant to the Bishop Emeritus

  • Pat Signs
  • Phone: 912-201-4069

Thirteenth Bishop of Savannah: 1995–2011

The Most Reverend J. Kevin Boland was appointed the thirteenth Bishop of the Diocese of Savannah by Pope John Paul II on February 7, 1995. He was consecrated and installed on April 18, 1995 at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Savannah.

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Bishop's Office

See More: Administration

Assistant to the Bishop

  • Maggie Blanc
  • Phone: 912-201-4126

Fifteenth Bishop of Savannah: 2020–

The Most Reverend Stephen D. Parkes was appointed the fifteenth Bishop of the Diocese of Savannah by His Holiness Pope Francis on July 8, 2020. He was consecrated and installed on September 23, 2020 at the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist.

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Black Catholic Ministry


  • Reverend Robert E. Chaney
  • Phone: 912-201-4077

November is Black Catholic History Month.

Black Catholic Ministry assists the Bishop in facilitating the participation of Black Catholics in South Georgia in the mission of the Church.

Annually, the Office sponsors a Day of Reflection at one parish in the diocese as a prelude to sending a delegation to the National Black Catholic Congress.

Catholic Charities

Managing Director of Pastoral and Community Services

  • Deacon Kevin Knight, CW3 (Ret.)
  • Phone: 912-201-4076

Catholic Charities works in collaboration with parish communities and other organizations to serve the needy in South Georgia. Respecting the dignity and potential of each human person, we offer life-giving programs, advocate for the voiceless, and empower the poor and vulnerable to foster a more just society.

Catholic Education

Vicar of Evangelization and Education

  • Very Rev. Kevin O'Keefe
  • Phone: 912-201-4122


Superintendent of Schools

  • Carrie Jane Williamson
  • Phone: 912-201-4120

The Diocese of Savannah Catholic Schools provide a unique educational experience that powers potential by preparing hearts, educating minds, revealing Christ and cultivating the Roman Catholic tradition.

Directory of Catholic Schools

Catholic Foundation of South Georgia

The Catholic Foundation of South Georgia is a non-profit, independent charitable foundation that exists to provide effective stewardship of philanthropic assets entrusted to its care by donors who desire to advance the religious, charitable and educational works of the Catholic Diocese of Savannah, its parishes, schools and agencies.

The Foundation serves parishes, schools and families by offering resources and strategies for planned giving. Partnering with professional advisors in parishes across the diocese to offer vehicles for planned giving, the Foundation works with parish councils, school finance boards and agency representatives to help grow their endowment funds.

Download the CFSG Annual Report

Catholic Pastoral Center

  • 2170 E. Victory Drive
    Savannah, GA 31404
  • Phone: 912-201-4100


The Catholic Pastoral Center of the Diocese of Savannah serves Almighty God and the people of South Georgia through Christ-centered discipleship, leadership, and relationships.


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  • Deacon Kevin Knight, CW3 (Ret.)
  • Phone: 912-201-4100

The Chancellor is the official keeper of the diocesan records and archives and is the diocesan notary.

Child and Youth Protection

Safe Environment Director

  • Joan B. Altmeyer
  • Phone: 912-201-4074
  • Toll-Free Hotline: 888-357-5330

Bishops' Charter

Georgia Sex Offender Registry

National Sex Offender Registry

Bishops' Endorsement of VIRTUS 4.0

VIRTUS Training Schedule

Reporting Procedures (English)

Reporting Procedures (Spanish)

List of Credibly Accused

Child and Youth Protection is committed to providing safe environments and fostering continuous improvement in every organization that sponsors activities and/or provides services to children and youth.


Managing Director

  • Jillison Parks
  • 912-201-4051

The Communications Office serves as the primary media contact for the Diocese; oversees the production of the diocesan magazine, the Southern Cross; provides creative services to diocesan offices and ministries; manages diocesan websites; and provides public relations assistance to diocesan offices and parishes.

Consecrated Life

Delegate for Consecrated Life

  • Catherine Richie

Consecrated Life is the living of a life dedicated to God by a sacred bond.

The most familiar sacred bond is a vow, but lifelong promises and acts of consecration, made in accord with a charism or with the knowledge and approval of a spiritual director, are also sacred bonds.

The Office of Consecrated Life serves as an advocate for the Religious and Consecrated serving in the Diocese of Savannah.

Discerning a Vocation

Construction and Properties


  • John Grim
  • Phone: 912-201-4066

The Office of Construction & Properties serves as an advisor to the Bishop for buildings and construction to assist in good maintenance of existing properties and ensure the integrity of new building construction or renovation projects.

The office is responsible for monitoring the renovation and maintenance of all Diocesan properties not directly under a parish or Diocesan agency.

Construction and Properties

General Forms and Policies Risk Management

Cultural Engagement


  • Sandra Molina
  • Phone: 912-201-4064

The Body of Christ has many members. The Office of Cultural Engagement helps parishes and schools foster an atmosphere of understanding and engagement within our culturally diverse Church, building relationships and welcoming all persons into the Body of Christ.

Ecumenism and Interreligious Relations


  • Reverend Michael J. Kavanaugh
  • Phone: 912-897-5156
  • 7020 Concord Road
    Savannah, GA 31410

The mission of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Savannah to all the people of South Georgia includes a mission to and with the other Christian churches, ecclesial communities, and those who worship in non-Christian religions.

Ecumenically, we seek to build on the unity already existing among Christians because of our common heritage in "the apostolic teaching, communal life, the breaking of the bread, and prayer." (Acts 1:44-46) The Diocese is pledged to foster and promote dialogue, study, and collaboration among Christian communities.

Interreligiously, we seek to come to a more faithful common understanding with those who worship in traditions other than Christian. We acknowledge the ancient traditions in which a growing number of those who live and work in our area worship, and we pledge ourselves to better understanding and mutual respect.

Evangelization and Discipleship

See More: Evangelization

Vicar of Evangelization and Education

  • Very Rev. Kevin O'Keefe
  • Phone: 912-201-4122


Managing Director

  • Caroline Geddings
  • Phone: 912-201-4057


The Office of Evangelization and Discipleship helps parishes and schools experience a renewal of spirit and mission, where Christians see themselves as disciples of our Lord and respond to the call to "go, make, baptize, and teach" that was shared with us in the Great Commission (MT 28:18–20). This office oversees the offices of:

Our top priority is bringing all that we do back to the simple reality that Christ lives and wants to have a relationship with us!

"As individuals, we yearn for an intimate relationship with Christ, the Word made flesh. As the Church, we celebrate our Catholic faith in communion, called together in this time and in this place to love one another as He loved us" (Bishop Stephen Parkes, Magnify and Rejoice, p. 2). The central focus of our work is an invitation into an ever-deepening encounter with our Lord and a desire for authentic relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

We serve as a central resource for ministries across the diocese by working with our parishes and schools to learn from ministries that are thriving to help ministries that need assistance, and to coordinate efforts, events, and energy for the benefit of all.

Parish Engagement Plan

As communicated in Bishop Parkes’ pastoral letter Magnify and Rejoice: Our Call to Discipleship, one of the top areas of focus within the diocese for the next five years is to “offer customized and unique attention to individual parishes and schools in the work of evangelization and discipleship.”

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Parish Planning Days

The Office of Evangelization and Discipleship regularly hosts Parish Planning Day Zoom meetings for parish leaders to discuss, learn, plan, and grow. Each meeting covers a different topic pertinent to ministry within parishes. For more information or to suggest topics, contact Caroline Geddings at 912-201-4057 or

Parish Retreat Planning

Need some help planning a retreat for your parish? Get information about creating content, a schedule, registration, promotion, and more.

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Small Group Planning Resources

Planning small group programs that work in each parish, regardless of size, demographics, or staff resources.

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Prayer Resources

How can you grow in your relationship with God? Learn more about Lectio Divina, Praying a Novena, Prayers of Consecration, Eucharistic Adoration, and the Liturgy of the Hours.

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Event Rentals

Events Manager

  • Joan B. Altmeyer
  • Phone: 912-201-4074

Villa Marie Center is an event, retreat, and conference center located on Isle of Hope just minutes from Savannah's Historic Landmark District. 

The center provides a bucolic and tranquil island setting for events and celebrations sponsored by parishes, churches, schools, businesses, organizations and families.

Features include a reception hall, chapel, outdoor pool and pool house, playground, deep-water dock on Grimball Creek, fire pit, and athletic fields. The rental fee includes the entire property.

Hospitality is offered to not only the people and parishes of the Diocese of Savannah, but also to other organizations, churches, and groups whose purposes are not in conflict with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Rent Villa Marie Center

Fellowship and Life


  • Patrick Tunnell
  • Phone: 912-201-4068

The Office of Fellowship and Life helps parishes and schools embrace the great gift of life – life with Christ and with one another – by supporting the domestic Church through families and Christian fraternity.

Finance Office

See More: Administration

Chief Financial Officer

  • Alejandro Henao
  • Phone: 912-201-4061

Financial Staff Resources

The mission of the Finance Office is to provide good stewardship of the temporal goods of the Catholic Diocese of Savannah under the authority of the Bishop. 

Formation and Catechesis


  • Caroline Geddings
  • Phone: 912-201-4057

As Christians, we are never done being formed and catechized. The Office of Formation and Catechesis helps parishes and schools form spiritually mature, intentional Catholics who actively live out their faith through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and his Church.

Human Resources

See More: Administration

Managing Director

  • Jo Ann Green
  • Phone: 912-201-4071

Machine Readable Files (MRFs)

Employment Opportunities

The Office of Human Resources is responsible for managing:

  • Benefits
  • Clergy Benefits
  • Diocesan Burial Fund
  • Health Care
  • Health Care Insurance
  • Lay Life
  • Lay Retirement
  • Long-Term Disability
  • Long-Term Disability Insurance
  • New Employee Information - INS Form I-9
  • Retirement/Termination Form
  • Supplemental Clergy Welfare
  • Tax-Sheltered Annuities
  • Workmen's Compensation Insurance

Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology oversees and advises in matters of hardware, software, networking, security, and tech support for the Diocese.

Pastoral and Community Services

Chancellor and Managing Director of Pastoral and Community Services

  • Deacon Kevin Knight, CW3 (Ret.)
  • Phone: 912-201-4076

The Office of Pastoral and Community Services is responsible for:

  • Permanent Deacon Formation and Ministry
  • Social Services (Catholic Charities)
  • Ministry to the Peripheries (specifically Port, Prison and Migrant Ministry)
  • Continuing Education for Clergy
  • Liaison to Retired Priests

Permanent Diaconate

See More: Formation

Managing Director of Pastoral and Community Services

  • Deacon Kevin Knight, CW3 (Ret.)
  • Phone: 912-201-4076

Permanent deacons often serve in parish or other ministry as their time permits, since they typically have other full-time employment. They may also act, with permission of the Bishop, as parish administrators. With the passage of time, more and more deacons are serving in full-time ministries in parishes, hospitals, prisons, and in diocesan positions.

Deacons often work directly in ministry to the marginalized inside and outside the church: the poor, the sick, the hungry, and the imprisoned.


Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting Chair

  • Chad Sweeney


The Diocesan Committee on Catholic Scouting exists to…

  • give guidance, vitality and leadership in the spiritual life of all Catholic Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls and Camp Fire youth (SCOUTS) of the diocese.
  • make the entire Boy Scouts, Venture, Girl Scouts, American Heritage Girls and Camp Fire (SCOUTING) programs available to increasing numbers of youths in parish units and in units operated by Catholic organizations.
  • promote the spiritual growth of SCOUTS through religious emblems/recognition programs (AWARDS), retreats, and liturgies.
  • supplement the spiritual phase of SCOUTING programs with special instructions and activities for Catholic SCOUTS.


Stewardship and Development


  • Maureen Coates
  • Phone: 912-201-4050

The Stewardship and Development Office is the diocesan entity charged with fostering stewardship as a Christian way of life. The mission of this office is to provide opportunities for all Catholics, called by baptism to be disciples of Christ, to identify with the local Church by becoming involved through good stewardship of their time and talent and by supporting financially the mission and ministries of the local and universal Church. 



  • Phone: 912-201-4133/912-201-4132
  • Fax: 912-201-4099

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Judicial Vicar

Very Rev. Msgr. J. Gerard Schreck, J.C.D.

Diocesan Judges

Very Rev. Msgr. J. Gerard Schreck, J.C.D.
Very Rev. Daniel F. Firmin, J.C.L.
Rev. Msgr. John A. Renken, J.C.D.

Defenders of the Bond

Rev. Andrew Larkin, J.C.L.

Promoter of Justice

Very Rev. Daniel F. Firmin, J.C.L.

The Tribunal for the Diocese of Savannah ordinarily conducts trials or hears cases that relate to the invalidity of marriages.

This Diocesan Tribunal is the court of the Bishop of the Diocese of Savannah, composed of judicial personnel and directed by the Judicial Vicar, as delegated by the executive authority of the Bishop. All judicial functions of the Tribunal are done in accordance with Church Law (Canon Law).

The Tribunal office is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

St. Thomas More and St. Fabiola, pray for us.

Vicars General

See More: Administration

Vicars General

  • Very Reverend Daniel F. Firmin, JCL
  • Phone: 912-201-4100


  • Very Reverend J. Scott Winchel, VF
  • Phone: 706-294-2766

The Vicars General assist the Bishop in the administration of the diocese.

They make decisions following the intention and the mind of the Bishop. By this office, the Vicars General are an extension of part of the Bishop's executive power – handling issues regarding policy and procedure in the diocese. They also offers insight to the Bishop on a variety of subjects and issues facing the diocese and they assist him in caring for the clergy and making personnel decisions. 

Young Adult Ministry

Serving and supporting all Catholic young adults aged 18-38, both single and married, in their desire to enter more deeply into a relationship with Christ through fellowship, service, formation, and worship in and through the Catholic Faith.

Spirit and Truth
St. Joseph's CYA
The Frassati Sacred Social Society
Low Country Catholics
Theology on Tap

Youth Ministry

Youth Ministry…

  • advocates and encourages ministry to the young church in the parish setting within all cultures, settings, and environments to fully incorporate young people into the life of the parish.
  • provides ongoing support, mentoring, networking and training opportunities for the adult/youth leaders as well as those whom they serve.
  • fosters personal and spiritual growth of adult/youth leaders to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ.
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