Marriage, Family, and Respect Life

Marriage Preparation

Marriage Preparation programs are designed for engaged couples who believe they are ready for marriage in the Church because that have a growing, positive relationship. The goal of these programs is to provide an opportunity for engaged couples to continue discovering practical ways to enhance their communication with one anther and God.

On-line Marriage Preparation

With marrying priest approval only.

If none of the above programs work due to date or location conflicts, an online option, CatholicMarriagePrep.com is available for couples who have already started their wedding file with their home parish. The course consists of a total of nine assignments (worksheets) and costs $195. Couples go directly to the webpage to register for the course, which may take between one week and three months to complete.

At the end of the course, the couple's certificate of completion is uploaded onto their profile.

Confession Guide for the Engaged

Examining your relationship with God, with your fiancé, and with others.

Confession Guide for the Engaged
Una guía para parejas comprometidas