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Documenting the work of the Holy Spirit through the Catholic Church in South Georgia

Work in the Archives – Join the Diocesan Archives & Records team!

Internship Opportunities

The Archives & Records Department offers skill-building internships working with the history and material culture of the Catholic community in Southeastern Georgia. Internships can be tailored to develop skills in primary source research, collection arranging and describing, preservation or other Archive & Museum fundamentals. Programs can be structured to meet course requirements, graduate or doctoral goals, and schedule or travel needs.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Archives & Records Department appreciates anyone with an interest in history, record keeping, or archives who is willing to volunteer their time and skill set to protect the cultural heritage of the Catholic Church in Middle and South Georgia. We will match your skill set and past experiences with our needs.

Please contact the Archives for more information.

Director of Archives & Records Management

Stephanie Braddy, CA


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