Pre-Nuptial Forms

Form A
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Initial questionnaire for the bride and groom. Each party must be interviewed alone, and only the priest/deacon/pastoral minister will propose the questions and write the given answers.

Form A (Espanol)
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Novio/Novia. Cada persona debe ser entrevistada a solas. Solamente el Sacerdote/Diácono/Asistente pastoral pueden hacer las preguntas y anotar las respuestas. 

Form B
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AFFIDAVIT REGARDING THE FREE STATUS OF THE BRIDE OR GROOM. Two witnesses for each party must be interviewed using this Affidavit. Parental testimony is always preferred and should only be neglected for grave reasons.

Form B (Espanol)
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DECLARACION JURAMENTADA SOBRE EL ESTADO CIVIL DE LA NOVIA O NOVIO. Se requieren dos testigos por cada contrayente. Salvo circunstancias excepcionales, se debe privilegiar el testimonio de los padres de los contrayentes.

Form C
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DISPENSATION FROM CANONICAL FORM FOR A MIXED MARRIAGE.If the marriage is to take place in a venue other than a Catholic church, in the case of a mixed marriage, the priest/deacon must request a dispensation from canonical form. Note that this form is different from permission for a mixed marriage or dispensation from disparity of cult (Form D1 and D2) which would also be required in this case. This dispensation must always originate in the parish and diocese in which the Catholic party has a domicile or quasi-domicile. Please request this at least one month in advance if it is to take place outside of the diocese since the local ordinary would have to be contacted.

Form D-1 and D-2
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Application for Dispensation/Permissions and Mixed Marriage Promises

Form E
 27.07 KB

PREVIOUS MARRIAGE FORM. To be used if the bride and/or groom has been married before.

Form L
 40.1 KB

LETTER OF DELEGATION. The form is required whenever the priest or deacon who performs the marriage is neither the pastor, nor the assistant of the parish in which the marriage is to be celebrated.

Form M-5
 216.22 KB

AFFIDAVIT CONCERING BAPTISM. This form is required when a certificate of Catholic Baptism absolutely cannot be furnished.

Form M-5 (Espanol)
 148.09 KB

Declaración Jurada Sobre el Bautismo. Requerida solamente cuando el certificado de bautismo Católico absolutamente no se pueda proveer.

Form N
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NOTICE OF MARRIAGE. To be recorded on the proper baptismal record of the bride and/or groom.

Form N (Espanol)
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Form P
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AFFIDAVIT OF THE PROPER PASTOR. This form is required whenever a Catholic is to be married outside of his or her proper parish.

Form P (Espanol)
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Declaración Jurada Del Pastor De

Marriage Data Envelope
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St. Thomas More and St. Fabiola, pray for us.

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Defenders of the Bond

Rev. Andrew Larkin, J.C.L.
Rev. Douglas Clark, S.T.L.

Promoter of Justice 

Rev. Thomas Healy, J.D.


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St. Thomas More and St. Fabiola, pray for us.