Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Strong Catholic Families: Strong Catholic Youth

A cyclic parish process that engages parents in reflecting, assessing and actively sharing with parish leaders the specific support and formation they need to form their families in the Catholic faith. It motivates parents to assume greater ownership of and involvement in the faith formation of their children.

How does the SCFSCY parish process work?

The Strong Catholic Families parish process is made up of three distinct steps that are repeated annually in the parish:

  • Step 1 begins with a two-hour presentation and dialogue with parents by a diocesan-trained presenter that engages parents in understanding the vital dynamic that faith plays in their children’s lives and the critical role that parents uniquely possess in how that faith is experienced and lived out. The session ends with parents completing a needs assessment that is given to parish leaders for follow-up.
  • Step 2 involves the parish leaders reading and reflecting on the parents’ needs and discerning how to best support parents in growing in faith as a family.
  • Step 3 consists of follow-up responses by the parish which may take one or several different forms depending upon the expressed needs of the parents.

How does the SCFSCY diocesan process work?

The process incorporates three key elements:

  • The formation of a kindred community of parishes focused on this journey of change, gathering together at key moments for resourcing, training, sharing successes and struggles, support and evaluation.
  • On-going consultation, resourcing, support and training for Parish Teams by Diocesan Staff.

How do parishes prepare for SCFSCY?

By scheduling a consultation meeting in their parish with diocesan staff, completing the application to enter the Initiative, and forming a Parish Team.


Vicar for Evangelization & Education

Fr. Kevin O'Keefe

Director of Youth Ministry

Caroline Ebberwein

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