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High School

This one week conference helps young people explore God's call in their life with the help of current Notre Dame student mentors.

Vision for High School Students

This one week conference helps young people explore God's call in their life with the help of current Notre Dame student mentors.

For five days, you will immerse yourself in the spiritually-rich Notre Dame campus while sharpening your spiritual vision to recognize God's grace at work in your life. You will sleep in the Notre Dame dorms, eat in the dining hall, and pray at the numerous sacred spaces across campus.

The Office of Youth Ministry will have a limited number of scholarships available to qualifying youth. For more information on the scholarship requirements or to find out more information about VISION please contact Caroline Ebberwein at 912-201-4057 or .

Vision for Campus and Youth Ministers

Are you a Youth Minister wanting to bring a group from your parish or deanery? There is also a program for Youth Ministers!

This one week experience runs concurrently with each high school VISION week. While your youth are engaged with their Vision leaders and mentors you can explore your call to service in God's Church. At Notre Dame Vision for Campus and Youth Ministers you will network with other leaders from across the country as you continue your education and formation with the assistance of experts in theology, ministry, and spirituality. There will be time for prayer and personal reflection while immersed in the beautiful and sacred Notre Dame campus.

The Notre Dame Vision program is a 5-day conference on the Notre Dame Campus designed to help teenagers discover and renew God’s call in their lives.  The Campus and Youth Ministers Conference (CYM) is designed to parallel the youth conference while feeding and refreshing those adults who put their heart into youth ministry each year.


Our teens, were able to experience their Catholic Faith by connecting with hundreds of other high school students from all over the country as they learn from the witness of the saints and develop practices to live their faith. --- Juan Carlos Gaytan


If I had to choose any word to describe Notre Dame Vision, I would choose 'ablaze'. This experience allowed me to view the world in much the same way the Saints did, who left behind all to serve others in the name of Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit engulfed all of our spirits with new knowledge, as well as a new lens in which we can view life. Much like Catherine of Siena, who told us to "set the world ablaze," Vision sparked something in my heart, and I knew for sure my life had been touched by Him.  ---Emily 


What I most enjoyed about Notre Dame Vision was the amazing opportunity we had to meet so many other people our age from all across the country and getting to know them in our small groups. In having these encounters with one another throughout the week, it gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of my Catholic faith, in the sense of universality. The Catholic faith and the Mass are the same all over the world and just by simply meeting and getting to know other people outside of my own church and home state, I was comforted in the truth that we are all one in the Body of Christ.---- Julliana 


ND Vision has made a great impact on my life. It was a great chance to meet and to form new friendships with kids my age who were Catholic. It has also helped me better understand the word of God and how he wants us follow and serve him by helping others or just by simply putting a smile on someone’s face. I also learned that forgiveness can be difficult, but you can accomplish it by trusting in the Lord and being patient with time. ND Vision was truly an Amazing experience and I would go back without hesitation. ---- Rosa 


Notre Dame Vision was such an amazing experience. Being in a place filled with people who all shared my beliefs was absolutely beautiful. I felt I reconnected with God in a whole new way. I'm so blessed to be able to have had this experience! Thank you. --- Casey 

I had such a great spiritual experience at Notre Dame CYM.  I enjoyed meeting and getting to know other youth ministers from around the country and talking with them about things they are doing with their youth groups.  We also had great speakers throughout the week that really brought to light God’s love for us and how he has called each of us to serve him in some way. I also loved just being on the campus of Notre Dame. I felt such peace there and could really feel the presence of God and the Holy Spirit all around me. Most of all though, I loved seeing the positive effect Notre Dame Vision had on my group of kids.  I could tell that it really made a difference in their walk with Christ and that is what I had been praying for. --- Loretta Coar, Youth Minister for St. Joseph’s in Waycross

Meditating on each station with fellow Youth Ministers, and getting to the 12th station and seeing Christ on the cross being crucified for me , it was a reminder of the great love he has for me, for us. Stations of the Cross at Notre Dame Vision was a unique and very spiritual experience that I will always remember. --- Juan Carlos Gaytan, Youth Minister for Our Divine Savior, Tifton

It was a wonderful experience where I met new people who practice my same faith --- Reyna

I never thought I could relate to other people who were from a different part of the country, it was great to know we have a deep faith --- Esperansa 

I was able to get closer to God, and make new friends at the same time --- Juan Carlos Gaytan

I definitely would like to come back next year with an even more open heart and mind ---Bernardino

Vicar for Evangelization & Education

Fr. Kevin O'Keefe

Director of Youth Ministry

Caroline Ebberwein

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