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Host Families

Host families are a vital part of NET Ministries that care for teams while they’re away from home.

  • We have hosted NET Ministry missionaries 3 different times. Once last year and twice this year. They have been great and it was a pleasure to host them. This year we hosted 3 men that stayed with us for 4 days and then returned 10 days later for 2 more days. It was funny how they said it was like coming home for a few days. In the few days that they were with us they became part of our family. Teresa D
  • As a host family, it is up to our family to make the visiting team feel at home. In the three encounters we have had with these teams, we have been amazed at their ability to work all day serving the church and then come "home" and continue to evangelize to our family through their prayerful love and presence in our home. My children have been able to experience the gospel of Jesus through the example of these young people and their love of their faith. As parents, we could not ask for better role models in our children's lives. In each experience my family has been given so much more than we provided. Leigh E.
  • For me personally it was a very inspiring experience! These young people are so in touch with our Catholic faith and are so ready and willing to share their excitement, faith, and experiences with other young people in their retreat work. The young women that stayed at our house invited us to pray with them and they involved my teenagers in discussions and talks in the evenings…Not only did they discuss faith issues with my kids but they just talked, laughed, sang, and painted nails…I myself even felt a desire to really want to know the Bible, know that close relationship with God that I saw in them. Our family was blessed to be able to host and to meet these young people. I am planning to write to one of the ladies. I feel a bond with her and want to encourage her and would like to see where God chooses to take her. Gen H
  • They had such a positive influence on our whole family and especially our children ages 14 and 12. Our kids thoroughly enjoyed the retreats and got so much out of them. So much so that my son is considering joining NET when he is older. The children really look up to them and since they are only a few years older than the kids they are working with, they have an immeasurable influence that older adults cannot. They are wonderful role models for young Catholics. That influence was reinforced when they stayed at our home. They would play video games, skateboard and goof off with our family but end the day with nightly family prayer and reflection. Overall it was a pleasure to host the NET team and we would be more than happy to host them again. Michael D.

    NET missionaries spend a year away from their own families to share their faith with young Catholics across the country – they can end up in a different city every night!

    Host families provide a place for team members to eat, pray and rest their heads each night, and many team members cite an experience at a host home as one of their favorite memories from the road. Many families welcome NET teams into their homes year after year, and stay in touch with the team members even after their time with NET has finished.

    Host families do not need to worry about having enough beds for the team members they host. Every team member has his or her own sleeping bag and pillow, so floors, couches, or air mattresses work just fine.

    Apply to be a Host Family

    When applying to host members of a NET team, host families can request men or women, and in quantities from 2-7. Typically, NET missionaries are hosted by families coordinated by the contact person at the local retreat site.

    If you are interested in hosting a NET team, speak to the diocesan contact person, Fr. Christopher Ortega, and we will see how you can help!

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