Youth Ministry


Missionary Opportunities:

Diocese of Savannah's Prayer and Action is a localized mission experience for high school teens. Lead by college students on fire for their faith, teens participate in a week filled with hard work, games,  talks, the sacraments and more! Teens are able to meet other Catholics from around the Diocese and fall deeper in love with Christ. Find out more at our Prayer and Action page

Catholic Heart Workcamp has formed this ministry across the country and beyond. With 13,000 people in over 50 different cities, youth groups and schools have joined together to serve as Christ modeled. As bold Catholics we embrace this challenge to put ourselves aside to serve and restore homes and hearts, feed the hungry, lift the spirits of children, give hope to the disabled, and provide help through partnerships with social agencies.

FOCUS has been working to reach college and university students at perhaps the most critical stage of their lives. Today, over 265 missionaries on nearly sixty college campuses across the country are effectively reaching thousands of college students. For more information email or call 303-962-5750.

Life Teen Missions are committed to forming young adults, couples and families to become lifelong missionaries who love youth and believe in God's transforming power. For more information contact Chris Benzinger.

Each year approximately 120 young adults ages 18-28 volunteer nine months of their lives to serve on the NET teams. These young adults are placed on eleven teams of 8-14 people. The travel the country and help reach youth during retreats and sharing the message of God's love. For more information contact Matt Reiswig.

Grants and Scholarships

Scholarships for Youth Events: The Office of Youth Ministry administers a scholarship fund to assist parishes in underwriting participation in qualifying Office of Youth Ministry sponsored youth events.

Since 2000, St. Mary's Press has donated Catholic Youth Bibles to inner-city and rural disadvantaged Catholic high schools and ministries, and to youth in detention centers throughout the United States.

Student Training & Education in Public Service offers a guide to scholarships and resources for Catholic students.

Catholic Youth Foundation USA awards financial grants to parish, diocesan, and national initiatives. Grant projects are activities, events, strategies, or campaigns designed to train youth and coordinators for youth ministry, to develop new approaches to comprehensive youth ministry, and to respond to the needs of today's young church.

Good Resources for Youth Ministers

How Many Pizzas to Buy Calculator (Calculate how many pizzas will you need for your meeting.)

Poll Everywhere (Engage your audience in real time.)

Catholic Relief Services Resource Center

Study the Gospels in a Year (Uses the Ignatius Study Bible for both the Scripture translation and the commentary.)

Study the Catechism in a Year (Uses the YOU-CAT, a more accessible, official Catechism in Q&A format.)

5 Great Free Catholic Apps

Catholic Youth Ministry Hub (Online home for youth ministers filled with resources, news, training and more.)

Busted Halo (Creative short catechetical video clips.)

ReBuild My Church (Provides international online conferences held in November and March every year, and a monthly webshow designed to support, train, inspire and challenge youth ministers.)

CatholicYouthWork.com (UK website with many fine youth ministry resources.)

Youth Ministry Access (Subscription-based website with programs, sessions and strategies for high school and middle school youth ministry)

Youth Cartel - YouTube You Can Use (Free website featuring short clips and discussion questions for use in classrooms and programs.)

Vicar for Evangelization & Education

Fr. Kevin O'Keefe

Director of Youth Ministry

Caroline Ebberwein

Pray for us.